5 Reasons we chose to slow down

5 Reasons We Chose to Slow Down

2016…at the end of 2016 we made a family decision. We chose to start the process of making a change for our family.  We chose to slow down our fast-past life. Here are 5 reasons why we chose to slow down.

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  1. Health & Wellness: Both A and myself have chronic conditions that worsen in cold weather. We were advised by our care teams to move to a warmer climate.  In addition to improving chronic conditions, slowing down provided an opportunity to focus on teaching our kids about taking care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Our children have continued in their activities, learned to appreciate the down time and the restoration that comes with it, and continued to travel along their journey with Jesus. Both girls have been baptized and Coy loves singing about Jesus.





  1. Family Time: Chris and I have careers that we love, but that can encompass hours of our time. This really hit me hard when our oldest daughter turned 9 and Chris said, “She is halfway to being grown”.  I *may* have ugly cried over that comment. But it was true; our time with our children is precious and we only have them with us for a short time.


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  1. Cost of Living: We are blessed with careers that we love and allow us to provide for our family. Even so, with the cost of living always rising and having 3 children to raise, moving to an area where cost of living was considerably lower has allowed us to continue to provide for our family while doing more with what we have. Recently, my health has kept me out of work for some time.  Knowing we are living in an area with a lower cost of living helped ease the stress and burden of not bringing in an income while recuperating and focusing on my health.


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  1. Land: Our previous home was a great place to start raising our family. We lived on a country acre for almost 10 years. Our new home is situated on almost 40 acres; we have existing grapevines and are planning what else to plant and where, as well as plotting out fence lines for an area to raise a barn and bring in animals. Right now, the plan is for horses, but I am pushing hard for goats and maybe a donkey.





  1. To help where we can: Rural areas are much more likely than urban areas to experience a healthcare provider shortage; more than half of the counties in the nation are experiencing a healthcare provider shortage. Midwifery is a calling and my professional passion. For several years, I felt pulled to provide care for women in a rural setting that did not have a local midwife. I hope I have made a difference in the short time I have been providing care and a resource for the women in my new hometown. I look forward to providing midwife-led care in my community.


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